A revitalised range of men’s shirts and women’s blouses

Born in Belfast, revitalised in 2017: New styles, new fabrics and new colours are all on the cards from Disley this year.

The brochure is having a wholesale facelift with fresh, contemporary imagery, a clean, easy-to-follow layout and concise range structure. New items will include: Modern, tailored-fit shirts; feminine, contemporary blouses with design features in abundance; a palette of vibrant, eye-catching colours; and innovative fabrics to create comfort, wearability and easy care.

Disley will continue to offer what it says is “one of the most comprehensive size ranges in the industry”, with dress sizes 6-30 and collar sizes 14.5”-21” as standard.

Attention to detail, rigorous development and testing processes continue to underpin all products

The brand offers both men’s and women’s styles

Blouses have been a focus for the development team for 2017

Blouses have been a key focus for the development team. Nothing has been overlooked from the introduction of new, softer fabrics and feminine styling details to the changing of fusings and neatening of collars. “The result is eminently stylish and professional yet comfortable and easy-care blouses for the modern working wardrobe,” says the brand.

For men, Disley has developed a new ‘tailored fit’ block to provide a slim, flattering silhouette, while still being able to cater for all sizes.

Sizes 6 to 30 are offered as standard

Disley promises attention to detail on all its garments

Coordinated colour schemes ensure that there are plenty of corresponding combinations to choose from. Wearers will be able to express an element of personal choice while still presenting a unified, corporate image.

One thing that will not be changing, however, is Disley’s trademark quality of manufacturing, says the brand: “Attention to detail, rigorous development and testing processes continue to underpin all products.”

“The challenge has been to revitalise our range and create a compelling, coherent shirt and blouse offering that will appeal across all markets,” says Tony Hughes, sales director. “Having a joined-up approach to products and range structure has been key in achieving this.”

Although the brand may be keeping the detail firmly under wraps for now, it promises that there will be “plenty to get your teeth into from Disley in 2017.”