Colormaker Industries, manufacturer of Permaset inks, has recently converted to 100% renewable electricity. 

David Stuart, owner and managing director of the Australian company, said: “We’ve aimed to adopt clean energy for some years, but had not been able to find a suitable provider. One of our new staff members was able to spend the time researching the green energy market and we’ve been very pleased with the change to 100% renewables.

“While it had to make sense operationally, it was mainly driven by our ethos of environmental stewardship. We believe that this is something that our customers care deeply about and this initiative will help them to reduce their environmental footprint. 

“We see this initiative dovetailing well with our Soil Association (GOTS) Approved range of Permatone Inks, for printers genuinely concerned about the environment and seeking greater integrity from their entire supply chain.” 

Colormaker are also investing in the installation of solar panels, and expect to be largely self-sufficient for their electricity needs by the end of 2019.