A complete range of DTG printers, now including the Kornit range, plus embroidery machines and the latest transfer printing systems

In June this year, Amaya added the Kornit direct-to-garment (DTG) printer brand to its already impressive range of garment decoration equipment. “We can now offer our customers a complete range of DTG printers, from an entry level printer like the Polyprint Texjet Shortee, right up to mass production with the Kornit Vulcan,” says Amaya. “Set in between these models we have the successful Texjet Echo and Texjet More, which cater for the small to medium production requirements. Then comes the Kornit Breeze, which is a single-platen DTG printer with a built-in pre-treatment system for a simplified print operation and fewer processes. All you have to do is place the garment on the Breeze, load the design and dry. The garment is then ready for sending to your customer.”

The Kornit Storm platform steps up production for medium to high volumes with a twin-platen system. Amaya reports that this platform can produce from around 120-170 A4 white garments per hour and 65-85 A4 dark garments per hour. The Storm Duo model is designed for white media printing only and can go up to 190 white garments per hour. The star of the show, says Amaya, is the Kornit Storm Hexa, which comes with CMYK plus red and green inks and is said to give “brilliantly vivid colours for photo quality results”.

The next level up is the Kornit Avalanche platform, which offers high production on dark and light garments and has larger platens, up to 60 x 90cm. The Kornit Avalanche 1000 is the quickest in this range with production up to 220 light garments and 160 dark garments per hour. There is also a Hexa model in the Avalanche range, which again includes extra red and green inks for spectacular colour prints, says the company.

The ultimate option for high production from Kornit is the Vulcan, which can produce up to 250 prints per hour on both dark and white garments.

“All Kornit printers have a built-in pre-treatment system, making life easy for the operator,” explains Amaya, adding: “Whatever direct-to-garment printer requirements you have, we have a solution to suit you.”

We can now offer our customers a complete range of DTG printers right up to mass production with the Kornit Vulcan

The new Oki A3 PRO8432WT white toner printer

New Oki white toner printer and Forever Transfer Paper

Amaya has also just launched the new Oki A3 PRO8432WT white toner printer. “This is an exciting new product that will work in conjunction with the very popular Forever transfer paper. You can use A3 Laser Dark No Cut Forever paper with the Oki to give your customers impressive large designs and great flexibility,” the company explains.

Forever offers a range of transfer papers for a wide variety of processes, and another very popular product is Flex Soft, reports Amaya. “This is a single-colour application and comes in metallic, neon and standard colours. The Flex Soft will work on a basic black laser printer, and there is no weeding!”

Melco modular embroidery systems

The latest version of Melco’s modular embroidery machine is the Melco EMT16 Plus. The main improvements on this new model are increased processing power along with flexible multi-head production, which “leaves standard multi-head machines in the dust and is up to 50% more productive,” according to Amaya.

The company reports that the system is up to 75% more efficient: “Progressive speed changes combined with pantograph and needle case refinements make the EMT16 Plus more efficient than previous Melco models.” It also promises up to 30% more stitches per bobbin, with Amaya noting that fewer bobbin changes means reduced downtime per machine, resulting in higher production.

Also highlighted by Amaya is the new machine’s stitch quality: “Embroidery has never looked better on popular products such as stretchy performancewear, dri-fit shirts, hats, caps and more.”
Customers are invited to contact Amaya for a demonstration.

Sef vinyl, Graphtec cutters and Stahls’ heat presses

In addition to these new additions, Amaya carries a wide range of Sef garment film and vinyl, plus Stahls’ heat presses, and the full range of Graphtec cutters. “Sef is very easy to use and is very economically priced,” the company advises.