Exciting new additions to the Mimaki dye sublimation printer range

With more new models joining Mimaki’s wide format dye sublimation printer range, we take a look at some of the highlights with Brett Platt, textile product manager for Mimaki’s UK and Irish distributor, Hybrid Services.

“New kit at both ends of the range has really caught people’s attention over the last few months,” states Platt. “The arrival of the entry level TS30-1300 brings true wide format production dye sub to a new and much lower price point – and at the other end of the scale, products like the Tiger 1800B that launched alongside the TS30 at Fespa deliver industrial textile printing at a whole new level!”

Mimaki’s new TS30-1300 is a 1.3m printer, making it ideal for producing sportswear, promotional items and apparel using the dye sublimation method. Equipped with eight inks, it will soon be available with Mimaki’s fluorescent options, ensuring dancewear and event branding stands out. At just £7,495 it offers what Hybrid says is Mimaki’s “typically high print and build quality” to a new audience and is expected to do very well.

“Alongside the TS30, we’ve got numerous other options for companies looking at investing in their first wide format dye sub set-up,” Platt continues. “Products such as Mimaki’s CJV150 series integrated printer/cutters deliver a neat, highly compact and very simple to use print-and-cut dye sub system in a range of four sizes from 80cm to 1.6m that are ideal for companies who need to produce cut, shaped placement prints for transferring to garments, mugs and other rigid substrates.”

Brett Platt is textile product manager for Mimaki’s UK and Irish distributor, Hybrid Services

Mimaki’s attention-grabbing fluorescent inks

For companies seeking even greater capacity and flexibility, Hybrid is currently running what is describes as a “very attractively priced promotion” on its range of 1.6m wide Mimaki print-and-cut bundles, with prices starting at just £14,995. “Where companies need additional throughput, a separate printer and cutter delivers the ultimate solution,” says Platt. “Our current offer on the 1.6m JV150 and JV300 printers paired with Mimaki’s CG-FXII cutting plotter gives huge functionality at a significant saving when purchased together.”

Mimaki’s wide format dye sublimation range also includes its high production TS300P and Tx300P models. Hybrid says the TS300P is “offering what’s rapidly become the industry standard volume transfer option since its launch last year, with the direct-to-textile Tx300P the first choice for printers requiring the flexibility to print to both natural and man-made fabrics”. “The dual ink option for the Tx300P is a masterstroke,” concludes Platt. “Thanks to very similar fixation processes, being able to print with both pigment and dye sub inks on the same machine opens up enormous possibilities for textile companies, which is currently creating great demand for this model.”

With choices to suit a variety of budgets and production requirements, Hybrid says Mimaki’s range of sublimation printers is unparalleled – and with demonstration machines available both at Hybrid’s showroom in Cheshire and around the UK and Ireland through its specialist textile resellers, it’s never been easier to try one out.


New kit at both ends of the range has really caught people’s attention over the last few months