New TMT/Oki Pro8432WT A3 printer with white toner technology opens up a wider range of marketing applications – it’s not just T-shirts!

With over 25 years’ experience of garment and promotional product decoration, TheMagicTouch reports that it continues to offer affordable solutions for many different markets, including the workwear, sportswear and retail fashion sectors.

The company adds that over the past decade, the industry has observed the introduction of various new technologies including DTG printers, UV printers, latex printers and a host of large format options relating to ‘print-and-cut’ using solvent and sublimation inks. It suggests that the only real issue has been picking the right one to match the expectations and demands of the purchaser.

TMT adds that potential buyers of any technology today need to fully understand what the purchase can and cannot do, preferably before they make the purchase, plus have the sales and marketing in place to ensure products are sold at the right price to ensure a real return on the investment.

“There is, however, still no single solution that covers everything – and indeed there never will be – but the current offering from TheMagicTouch goes a long way in offering affordable solutions for many unique markets other than just printing T-shirts,” says managing director Jim Nicol.

The new TMT/Oki Pro8432WT A3 printer, with its considerably smaller footprint and new toner configuration compared to the previous A3 model, offers compatibility with all of TheMagicTouch transfer papers. The printer is installed and powered using the bespoke SpaceControl V4 software to assist in colour management, and it also offers specific paper settings and some clever functions for reduced toner consumption.

The new A3 model sits alongside the existing white toner printer – the TMT/Oki Pro7411WT A4XL – offering potential users a choice to suit their individual requirements and budget. All TMT/Oki printers come with a standard three-year warranty.

Compatible with all nine of the transfer papers from TheMagicTouch

The popular tattoo transfer paper

The white toner technology continues to grow in popularity and offers a wider range of product marketing applications that assist customers to create new business, notes TheMagicTouch. “Having the ability to produce one-off samples for customer evaluation before committing to a purchase is a marketing dream,” advises Jim. “The personalisation market continues to grow and is expected to double over the next five years. One major advantage of TheMagicTouch image transfer process is the low risk in terms of investment combined with the vast range of products that can be decorated.

“The TMT/Oki solution is simply the best entry-level option for digital image transfer. The printers are quick, have outstanding image quality and are very affordable. Using the latest white toner technology, the range of printable applications continues to grow and includes 100% cotton, denim, nylon, polyester, performance fabrics and even leather, all regardless of colour. We forget the marketing power of a personalised sample and how it acts as a great way for users to maintain good contact with their existing customers.”

TheMagicTouch offers nine different transfer papers, each with unique properties. These include the temporary tattoo paper, which, over the past two years, has grown tenfold thanks to its popularity in the ‘hen and stag’ sector together with a growing demand from sports clubs and festival events, as well as the fashion and promotional markets. Other unique transfer products include the RST9.1 paper, which has been developed to enable full-colour imaging onto products such as wood, MDF, slate, stone and many other substrates with rough surfaces.

The existing CPM paper for non-textile products has also benefited from the arrival of the white toner as it allows for the decoration and personalisation of PU/leather products such as notebooks and folders, and packaging products – again, regardless of their colour.

“TheMagicTouch has enabled users to grow their businesses profitably by helping them create new customers who are offered more choice,” says Jim. “This is highlighted by the strong growth over recent years of short-run production of umbrellas, cushions, bags, holdalls, phone accessories and notebooks, together, of course, with T-shirts and the full apparel ranges.”

TheMagicTouch adds that it continues to support all products and applications with its “outstanding technical and customer support”.


TheMagicTouch has enabled users to grow their businesses profitably