Whether it’s pedigree pups or mangy mutts, decorators’ dogs are valued members of staff at embroidery and print shops from Barking to Furness. This month we have Stella from Parallel Prints in Glasgow

“Did someone just say ‘biscuit’?”

Stella is the star of the new Parallel Prints logo

Full name: Stella, but also known as ‘Monster Munch’, ‘Wee Pie’ and ‘Stelldo’

Breed: Blue Staffordshire bull terrier

Age: 1 year 6 months

Time at company: Forever

Job title: Parallel Prints Mascot

Job description: Meet and greet visitors with kisses and smiles

Special skills: Making sure there are plenty of biscuits in stock and opening boxes. Sweeping the floor at the end of the day to make sure no crumbs have been left!

Favourite colour: Magenta Pantone 7424C – it brings out the blue/grey colour of her fur


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